Consent Matters!

Sword and Serpent Oasis operates under the belief that people have the right to enjoy safety and comfort within the Lodge. It is therefore necessary that everyone in attendance understands the ground rules of consent when interacting with members and guests here in this physical space, and when interacting with each other outside of it:

♦ Understand that every person here has the right to say “no” to any physical contact at any time. Anyone who does not respect a “no,” or chooses to be nasty or rude to someone who tells them “no” will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

♦ Understand that every person here has the right to enjoy their time at the Lodge, and that harassing behaviors will not be tolerated. These behaviors can include, but are not limited to: repeatedly asking for dates/sexual contact, invading someone’s personal space (especially after being told to back off), making off color or offensive comments about a person’s race, color, ethnic background, gender or gender identification, sexual preferences, etc. Hate and harassment have no place here.

♦ Understand that consent given to one person, or one group of people, does not include consent to everyone in the room. If someone is hugging everyone else, and you’d like a hug, you can ask for one! If someone is hugging everyone else, and you don’t want one, let them know! No one has an obligation to touch anyone, and everyone here is expected to respect every “no.”

♦ Understand that consent given once is not a free pass to touch someone at any time. Ask first and respect the decision you are given – every time.

♦ If at any time you feel unsafe, talk to the body master or, in their absence, any other officer in attendance. If you are unsure who the officers are, ask someone! They will be happy to steer you in the right direction. The comfort and safety of everyone present is our goal!

Love is the power to say “yes”; will the power to say “no.”

— A.C., Liber LXXIII, The Urn

Consent Matter Content provided by Black Sun Lodge 2019