General Policies of Sword and Serpent Oasis

Sword and Serpent Oasis believes the Law is for All and that means creating affirmative and enjoyable space for everyone. Being in community together is not always easy, and has it’s fair share of challenges, though we consider this part of the Great Work. To make sure our work together is safe, we have the following policies for the general membership. Every person here has the right to enjoy their time at the Oasis and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Oasis Master.

The Oasis represents an active community of Thelemites with various backgrounds, interests, and occupations. We believe that “the Law is for All” and so we welcome any individual who is sincerely interested in the Great Work and who conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our Work. We do not discriminate based on color, ethnic background, sex or gender, sexual preferences, abilities, or religious beliefs. Becoming a formal member of the Lodge by way of initiation is restricted only to being “of full age, free, and of good report.”

Our members participate in the community in numerous ways and all such participation is solely at the discretion of each member. One of our central goals is to provide opportunities for self-exploration through rewarding experiences and service to a growing community.

General Rules of the Oasis

  • Firearms are prohibited in strict compliance with, applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

  • The membership of any individual in O.T.O. will not be made known to the public, except upon the informed consent of the member.

  • No illegal drugs are permitted at any O.T.O. events.

  • Sexual conduct between adults that is not fully consensual is not tolerated.

  • Repeated failure to abide by the policies and regulations of the Order, violence, abuse, theft, criminal conduct, and other actions that are prejudicial to the Order can lead to being placed on formal bad report or expulsion.